US; 07, May 2015: Lighting lamps are the most essential components for house decoration. Every interior decorator suggests installing traditional or modern lighting lamps to increase the glamour of the room. Zora Lighting has brought out variety of lighting lamps to suit the taste and preference of the house owners. Here users can search their favourite lamps on the basis of their preferred categories. This site allows the users to compare prices of different categories of lighting lamps. Using this retail site customer can view the multiple designs of every product category..

The website specializes in offering all kinds of modern lighting, industrial lighting, etc. Table lamps of Sergie Moulie and La Lampe Gras besides, ceiling lamps and chandeliers are the main components of modern lighting. These lamps and chandeliers emit very bright light and are quiet easy to operate. Each of the products listed on the website comes with detailed descriptions to help the customers stay aware of their preferred products. Users also have the option to read the product reviews in the site. The site features many blog articles on different designs of lighting and many more. Users can learn more about lighting lamps reading these articles.

Regular customers can receive special purchasing offers from this site to purchase ceiling lamp, fixtures and chandeliers of renowned brands like Sergie Moulie at discounted prices. Consumers here can view the works of eminent lighting designers like Arne Jacobsen, Robert Dudley Best and so on. Customers can send their queries in this site for quick reply of their concerns. Besides, they can post their complaint in it if the products develop technical defects. For free consultation, consumers can dial its contact number to be advised by a technical advisor of the site.

The terms and conditions of the site is quite customer friendly. Customers have the option to cancel their orders within 7 days of the delivery date. In that case they will receive their refund within 30 days. On placing any product order the site shall forward a tracking code to track the delivery of the product. The site is very sincere in protecting the personal and financial information of the users. The site possesses the sole authority of verification of customer’s financial background from sources like RBS Worldplay. There is no shipping charge if the product is delivered within the USA. Outside USA shipping charge is based on delivery destination. The site has collaboration with companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx and EMS to ship the products. Delivery through shipping normally takes 7- 10 days.

About Zora Lighting:

Zora Lighting is an online site where customers can purchase modern and traditional lamps, fixtures, chandeliers at an affordable price. It helps the users to sort products on the basis of brands, models, prices and so on. Viewers can enter this site for more information.

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