China; 15, May 2015: Various non woven products come into both industrial use and medical use. Masks, gowns, caps, coats and covers are a must have to perform certain specific tasks based on profession. Zhongbao Plastic Products Co., Ltd has been manufacturing such products in China for the last eight years. The main products of Zhongbao are non-woven medical face mask, disposable face mask, paper face mask, dust mask, surgical gown, lab coat, nurse cap, doctor cap, lab coat, mop cap, pillow cover, bed sheet and more. Medical products of the firm are exported to as much as 60 countries across the globe. 

Zhongbao offers a variety of disposable coverall wears in various shape and sizes. These coveralls boast three way defences in form of being anti-alcohol, water proof and anti-blood splatter. They already comply with all the domestic and international medical standards. This protective clothing is comfortable, lint free and has good tensile strength. They have several practical applications in a range of sectors. It covers pharmaceutical manufacturing, processing of metal, mining and wood, building motor vehicles and ship, veterinary and agricultural services, etc. Polypropylene protective coveralls, boiler suits, paint suits, and similar range of products are available for purchase. 

Non woven face mask from Zhongbao Co. Ltd are created out of high quality non-woven fabric. These masks also undergo traditional hand printing and computer printing to be attractive looks wise. Child protective face mask, anti-fog face mask, head hunging, tie on hospital face mask, earloop and carbon face mask and similar range of products are available. These masks are available in short, medium, large, extra large and many more sizes. All of these products come into use for asbestos removal, hospitals, metal processing, painting and spraying workshop, etc. The company is certified with ISO and CE SFDA and offer a competitive price along with first class customer service. 

Disposable non woven aprons, patient’s gown, sauna suit, bathrobe, chef coat, and SMS scrup suits are also available for purchase. There is disposable caesarean surgical drape made out of eco-friendly SMS non woven fabric. This dust and damp free product is soft, lightweight and easy to remove. It is useful in beauty industry and medical industry depending upon specific requirement with a centre hole. 

Zhongbao Plastic Products Co., Ltd aims to provide the highest quality of products at a favourable price. The products of the firm have massive demand in Asian countries, European countries, American countries, African countries, and Middle East countries. Trademark of Zhongbao Plastic Products Co., Ltd has been registered as both domestic and global legal brand. 

About Zhongbao Plastic Products Co., Ltd: 

Zhongbao Plastic Products Co., Ltd is wholeheartedly committed to manufacture and sell high quality disposable medical and industrial masks, coveralls, suits, aprons, caps, coats, etc. It operates with a team of trained professionals and well equipped facilities. It strives to ensure best possible customer service, prompt delivery and unparallel reliability. Visit the website for more information on the products offered. 

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