China; 26, May 2015: There is a surplus demand for protective gloves, aprons, suits and masks as well as other protective items in both medical and industrial sectors of China. In this scenario Xiantao Zhongbao Plastic Product Co. Ltd has brought out variety of nonwoven disposable products in the market for medical and industrial purposes. Consumers have the option of logging on the website of the company to view all the products quite conveniently. All the products are manufactured in the production unit of the firm under the supervision of the trained employees. The company always welcomes first time buyers and encourages them to forward their orders with all the necessary information besides, their respective requirements. The company enables the consumers to select any medical disposable products through clicking on the portals of product category and featured products.

Consumers seeking to place order for specially designed heat resistant as well as other protective clothes must click to the portal of disposable coverall to view all such products before placing the final order request to the company. Here consumers do have the opportunity to know in details about the manufacturing process of all the products belonging to this category including its packing and the methods to wear such protective clothes. The overall applications of the products belonging to this category are also mentioned in detail in the site of the firm. The company is also known as a specialised manufacturer of  disposable printed face mask for dental purposes. Customers can view all these products simply clicking on the portal of printed face masks for wide range of selection. Here they shall get descriptions of all such products of this particular category quite easily.

Hospitals, fire departments as well as other industrial and medical establishments often require surplus stock of specially designed disposable face mask to perform variety of hazardous and risky tasks through wearing them in the face. Now they can easily order such hygienic disposable nonwoven items through simply clicking on the portal of disposable face masks to place their order mentioning the product quantity as well as other details. Customers have the option of visiting the head office of the company for any kind of product query. Besides, it has provided the contact number in the site for the convenience of the customers.

All its disposable nonwoven products are ISO and CE SFDA certified and hence can be easily trusted. Shipping delivery of product normally takes 3-5 days. The company always charges reasonable cost for its products. It also designs products as per the wishes of the consumers. It mainly accepts payment through T/T, OR DP Payment based on the order quantity. Company usually accepts payment through paypal in case of small order. In case of any product deficiency company is prepared to pay compensation to the clients.

About Xiantao Zhongbao Plastic Product Co., Ltd:

Zhongbao Plastic Product Co Ltd is a specialised manufacturer as well as seller of various disposable nonwoven medical products. The company has 8 years of experience in this business and hence its products do have surplus demand in the domestic market of the country. All its products are clinically approved and safe to use any purpose. Viewers have the option of entering in its site for more information.

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