29, May 2015: Zeus Age is excited to announce the League Battle Ultimate Challenge! World Bosses can be a lot of fun, there’s a certain joy in teaming up with players throughout your server, but nothing can match the excitement of crushing another player into the dirt.

World Bosses lack variety. Once you’ve discovered the pattern, the correct assembly of units, skills, and items to be victorious, then fighting loses its savor and becomes a chore. Attack, defeat, collect reward, repeat. Killing zombies is a lot more fun than being one.

Zeus Age 1

Zeus Age’s League Battles add the glory of randomness into the fight. Even if you were to challenge the same player day after day, you would never know how they’ve assembled their team. Yesterday they used nothing but heavy-hitters, so today you decide to stock up on the defense, but oh no! Now their team is more balanced, and it’s a whole new challenge.

Being on the defense leaves you with the same mind-games. Will you choose Leviathan for his stun skill, on do you want a front-liner that does a bit more damage. Have they recently nerfed Fenrir, or does he still have his brutal swipe attack?

Zeus Age 2

League Battles do away with the need for World Bosses. One League stands supreme, and they reap the benefits of their superiority. They have to stay in one their toes, though. One slip and a new League might take the title, and rob them of their dominance (and bonus rewards).

Cross-server Battles add to the excitement. You and your friend accidentally joined different servers? You never know if you might one day meet them in battle!

Zeus Age 3

Zeus Age’s League Battles are the most exciting way to join the fight! Pick your favorite gods, heroes, and monsters, choose a strategy, and lead your League to victory!

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