06, May 2015: The gameplay of predatory leagues initiated in Zeus Age V1.2.5 version goes online at the same time. The gameplay of Predatory Leagues subverts the traditional league gameplay, redefines the intense and exciting PVP battle and specially designs the counterattack — the Revengeful Buff that you can experience at any time! A hero plunder battle joined by all Gods is about to begin!

Zeus Age

Several characteristics of battle for league resource: participation in all day, feasible cross-server, 1V1 Battle and exclusivity

PVP League

Compared to other games’ multi-limitations to the level, time and qualification, we remove these in the league battle system and provide players a pattern where the time is not limited in the whole day and all players can join the league battle. Therefore, we ensure that players have wonderful experience as possible as we can. In addition, crossing server and 1V1 Battle are permitted. These designs can let players battle with others players in all game servers and increase the joy of PVP battle.

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PVP League Gameplay

Here is the most important exclusivity. It is a clear target when we design the league battle. Therefore, we add the system of BOSS in the dynamic world. Different from other games, our world Boss is not decided by the system, but come into being accumulatively when players rob each other’s resources. It forms like a snow ball. You have no idea who makes the biggest snow ball and who is the World BOSS of each day. It makes you have a new game experience each day. Besides, the gameplay of the Revengeful Buff, active plunder and keeping player’s attack are definitely worth trying