29, May 2015: Proficient City will soon be releasing it’s series of short videos for the public to view. The videos will be released in three stages, first the shorter versions of the videos over a 3 day period, and then the same for the medium-length and full-length versions. The videos feature the harsh realities of gamers who simply want to enjoy their favorite past-time, but are challenged at every avenue. The heroes of these videos ultimately overcome their troubles, and as a reward are given the chance to play Zeus Age, the game they love.

The videos were filmed at three different sets, some even taking place in Proficient City’s own offices. The filming crew also conducted several interviews with the actors and actresses, which will be released shortly after the official videos. These interviews allowed Proficient City to get a sense of how the actors and actresses prepared themselves, why they became actors and actresses, and what difficulties they had with their roles.

Zeus Age 4


Zeus Age 5


Zeus Age 6

Zeus Age is a cross-platform Moba-light, or Battle RPG. Players form a group of gods and monsters drawn from Greek, Egyptian, Norse and other ancient western mythology to face off against similar teams in head-to-head winner takes all combat. The game features exciting PvP, a story mode, daily challenges, and many other features. Plays can both level their characters, and enhance them by obtaining more powerful items. When enough items have been obtained the character will be upgraded, and up to four powerful skills will be unlocked.

Zeus Age 7


Zeus Age 8


Zeus Age 9

The release of the three videos will act as the culmination of Zeus Age’s current PR campaign, which has been ongoing for the last month. It has coincided with several in-game events and contests including a Cosplay contest, and an update.

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