13, May 2015: Zeus Age is a shiny new cross-platform Moba-light based on ancient European mythology. Players gather famous gods and monsters such as Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Medusa, Anubis, and many more, then group them together into teams of mighty heroes who must combat the coming evil. Each hero stays true to their lore and uses the mighty powers and artifacts that mythology has given them – Thor’s magical hammer is a toy in his hand, Poseidon’s mighty trident bring torrents of ocean, and Zeus’s divine scepter calls down powerful lightning bolts from the sky. Players can summon wind, rain, and thunder as they wield the power of the gods.

There are over 30 characters, heroes and gods to collect, and multiple ways to obtain them. Each hero has unique skills, strengths and weaknesses for players to master. Hera has powerful spells in her arsenal, but will quickly be dispatched if enemies reach her. Leviathan is a tank – tough to kill, but inadequate for dispatching other tough enemies. Heroes can gain experience, equip powerful new items, and consume relics to increase their stats. Each may learn 4 powerful skills, both for attack and defense, to control the battle.

Zeus Age starts with an exciting Battle mode where players power up their first characters. Once players have gotten used to how the Battle system works other modes quickly open. League Battle gives players the chance to compete with friends against other groups, the Expedition lets players go on daily adventures where they will face some of the toughest opponents, and the Arena allows players to choose worthy opponents for 1v1 carnage. Players will also be given Daily Challenges, which they can complete for additional rewards and glory. Multiple ways to play Zeus Age, and dozens of exciting heroes make for an incomparable gaming experience.

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“Gods of Olympus, at my signal!”—Zeus

Zeus Age

“Death is not the end, but the beginning.”—Hades

Zeus Age 2

“I have an arrogant brother who will suffer for his attitude.”—Poseidon

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