12, May 2015:

Matt: Possibly The Worst Cosplay You'll Ever See

‘Mato-san kawaiiiii ne?’ ‘That’s enough out of you, go play Zeus Age’

play Zeus Age

‘Warning, do not let me use scissors ever again’

It’s time for Zeus Age’s Cosplay Extravaganza! A couple of our braver (read: crazier) staff have put together the cheapest Cosplay costumes they could manage. They gathered some knick-knacks from around the office, and then cut, glue and tied them all together to make the amazing pieces of…art… you see before you!

Do you like to Cosplay? Or maybe you’ve just got a free afternoon. Why not choose your favorite Zeus Age hero and make your own costume! Dress up as Thor and wave that mighty hammer, or summon the dead as Anubis, make yourself some fake dragon heads and become the Hydra, or dress up your dog like Fenrir – we want to see what you can come up with. Then all you need to do is pick up your phone or video camera, and make a short video. Post it in the comments on our Facebook fan page, or send it to us in a Facebook message, and you’ll get some fantastic rewards.

Zeus Age hero

‘Burning like your passion for Zeus Age’

The event is only on for a limited time, so plan ahead and get yourself ready. Anyone who sends us an original video is guaranteed to get in-game rewards!

Zeus Age reserves

‘I’m too sexy for this cosplay, too sexy for this cosplay, too sexxyyyyyyyyyyyy’

* Please like and share the video as much as possible, thanks for your support!
* Send us a picture or video of you in your favorite Zeus Age Cosplay, along with your Account ID and server, to get your mysterious gift.
* Anyone who sends in a video or picture will receive rewards! If we think any of the videos are particularly awesome, funny, or just worth seeing, we’ll share them with the world!
* Rewards will be sent within 5 working days of the end of the event via the in-game mail system.

PS: Zeus Age reserves the right to interpret the rules of this competition.

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