The curious countdown launched by Yung Saintz late last year has come to an end, and as many suspected, new music is the result. While performing everywhere from Toronto to New York, Yung Saintz (Toronto based Inspirational Artists) announced that the group had recorded new songs that have been released as 4GSLT6 (For God So Loved The Six) EP, which is available now for free stream(

Toronto, Canada, March 18, 2016 — Yung Saintz have been known to have re-introduced inspirational music to a new generation and have pioneered its resurgence. “We take pride in making music that speaks to generations, especially today’s youth. It’s life’s ups and downs that keep us going and making our music relevant.’’ Said the Saintz.

The best songs often take relatable experiences and give them life with an unforgettable soundtrack. The duo’s latest project is an ode to Toronto, from a perspective that had yet to be explored. Balancing being an engaged youth in the city while maintaining faith through music proved to be their strong suit. So 4GSLT6 was created as the leading sound. The Yung Saintz music has been compared to Drake, The Weekend, Kanye West, and Lecrae.

Track listing
1. Yung Saintz: Oh God
2. Yung Saintz: Pray Up
3. Yung Saintz: Kadin - I Want You
4. Yung Saintz: Geoffrey - Pray For Me
5. Yung Saintz: Ways
6. Yung Saintz: So Help Me

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