A new service offered by YT Luv provides users the opportunity to get YouTube views. YouTube has become one of the most popular websites today. Millions of people have uploaded videos on YouTube and the more views a particular video has, the more benefits it represents to the individual or business that owns the video.

YT Luv offers four packages of YouTube views that can be tailored for the particular needs of the online business or individual who uploads a video.

- Popular: 10,000 YouTube Views
- Famous: 20,000 YouTube Views
- Celebrity: 30,000 YouTube Views
- Viral: 40,000 YouTube Views

There are a number of advantages for those get YouTube video views. It has been shown that people are more likely to view a YouTube video if others have done so before them. This means that the more views a video gets, the more likely it is to get more view. YT Luv helps get videos off the ground by providing purchased views for YouTube videos.

Furthermore, additional views give credibility and gravitas to videos which enhances their ability to be seen by more people. When people view a YouTube video, they are more likely to give the video a “like” which in turn helps promote the video to people that otherwise might not be reached. This word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of promotion on YouTube.

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Seamus Smith
YT Luv
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