Youth should understand the importance of Religion- Swami Umakantanand Saraswati


The need of today’s times is to understand the youth, religion and religiousness. Usually a religious person is considered as a hardcore person, but that is not being religious. In reality, working towards the fundamental qualities is religiousness. Fundamentals are natural.

To understand the religion, first understand their fundamentals and nature. For example- Fire’s fundamental quality is to burn, ice’s fundamental quality is to cool, and this is only their religion, this is only their nature, similarly a religious person’s nature consists of tolerance, pity, forgiveness etc. and to behave according to these qualities is religion. Religion doesn’t only mean praying, chanting or worshipping. Implementing these qualities and behaving like every other creature is religion. This is why a non-religious person or an atheist is considered harmful for the society because there is no quality of goodness in his nature.

In Haridwar, Uttarakhand, supervisor of Juna arena-kankhal, Swami Dr. Umakant Saraswati Maharaj during his visit to Mumbai, expressed his views in an interview and said that all the problem’s of today’s era are due to deformed concerns and forms of religion. Just the way watering is done to keep the plants green, similarly to know the solution of youth’s problems, we will have to get to the roots. Thus both internal and external nature should be understood.


Youth getting attracted towards western culture is departing from the religion and to get them on right path, we have to tug them towards tradition and sacraments and will have to present the right facets of religion to them. If heart and right facets of religion could be explained, it won’t take much time for them to accept the same. India has been a teacher to the world because of its knowledge and ample of knowledge is preserved in our Vedas. Today it is important to rightly translate through the appropriate medium and present it to the world, so that once again, the generations to come will consider India as a supreme knowledge to the world.

It is also the responsibility of the youth to understand the nature and fundamentals of a religion and to rightly connect and accept it in their lives. Religion is not being hardcore, but is a fundamental nature and behavior; this has to be properly conveyed to the youth.