07, September 2016: As a folding electric bike, Airwheel E6 can be used for daily commuting. But as a matter of fact, it is also the best choice for weekends or holiday vacations for those who love travelling. If I were you, I will not miss the following words.

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Daily busy works make the weekends and holidays seem to be more precious so a more efficient, comfortable and low-carbon traveling mode is becoming more and more popular in the current society which most people pursue self-driving travelling. That means more people prefer to drive a car with an electric scooter. As a portable, fast and low-carbon equipment, E6 electric bicycle becomes the best choice for vacation traveling except the application on the way home or office.


In many cases, self-driving traveling with bikes will need to be installed with a suitable car-frame. But for Airwheel E6 Smart E Bike kit, it is not necessary. E6 is an electric folding bike with the size of 950mm×465mm×160mm after folding which can be directly stored into the car trunk. Besides, it only weighs 12.6kg, so it will be a very portable carry-on bike.

Still, driven by electricity, E6 best electric bike does not need any strength of riders and then reaches up to a maximum of 20km/h. Small it is, E6 e bike can bear almost 100kg. Plus, the entireframe is made of aviation aluminum alloy so there won’t be any problem for the strength. With regard to the battery pack of E6 e-bike, it can be replaced without the assistance of any tools so users can replace the extra backup battery pack to satisfy the long-distance travelling. Of course, when the battery pack is disassembled, it can be charged through the vehicle charger. Anyway, there won’t be the problem of running out of power.


The complex road surfaces when you go out for a tour always have some certain requirements for your vehicles. E6 electric bicycles adopt the 8-inch tires with double damping system which can ensure the steady and comfortable riding. Moreover, the handrail is equipped with high strength headlight which is used for lighting up the road conditions ahead of riders when they are in dark environments.

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