27, February 2016: Healthycycling has launched its new website, www.healthycycling.org where patients can now look for nearest hospital as well as find doctors and doctor reviews as well as other medical practitioners in their locality. This new move is in keeping with the constantly changing world that is mostly fueled by technology.

It is not a surprise that the world today is heavily reliant on the internet for information, news, and events and even shopping. The world is now in the palm of your hands, as is normally said today with the onset of smartphones, where you can browse for almost anything from anywhere in the planet. The website seeks to fill the need for speedy provision of healthcare to millions of people who may find it difficult to locate a hospital near them, or find a good practitioner working in their locality.

The new website’s layout is very simple and easy to navigate and features helpful information on after hour’s clinics, medical clinics, and nearest hospital, doctor reviews, and immediate care as well as a wealth of information on health news, health tips, healthy lifestyle as well as diseases and their symptoms. With this information now just a click away, people’s approach to healthcare is going to drastically change for the better.

Doctors such as family doctors, pediatricians, Gynecologists and dermatologists can be located on the site, as well as dentists specializing in areas such as cosmetic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and periodontics, and surgeons practicing in the areas of plastic surgery, endovascular neurosurgery and hair transplant surgery. To access these practitioners, all you have to do is use the quick search button to locate them.

With the provision of a slot for these doctors, dentists and surgeons to add their listings, the website makes it possible for them to gain visibility as well as increase their earnings. Patients can view very crucial information such as the medical practitioner’s qualifications, the procedures they do as well as rate them once they have visited the facility for services. This thus acts in benefiting both the medical practitioners and the patients in that the practitioners with more positive reviews will get more patients visiting their medical facilities, while patients looking for a good practitioner will gain insight as to which practitioner to visit straight from these reviews. The medical practitioners can also use these reviews as feedback information on how patients view their services as well as facilities.

The website allows patients to find provide Doctor Reviews, which helps improve the relationship between doctors and patients across the United States. The website is a great way of bringing healthcare provision right at your fingertips to ensure that you stay healthy and strong no matter your location. Just as Dr. Tony Iton said, “When it comes to health, your zip code matters more than your genetic code.” , and healthycycling is proving this quote right in every way possible.

Healthycycling is a health directory that helps people find health locations, information on dentists and doctors. To visit the new website, visit www.healthycycling.org for more information.

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