India, home to a population of over a billion people is now being seen as a country with a substantial amount of corruption and corrupt political officials. In the recent times there have been many scams and corruption cases against politicians and government officials. These cases have outraged the Indian Public and as a result there has been an increase in the electoral strength for the General Elections of 2014. Many young Indians have registered themselves to vote as India has realised that our nation needs a better, cleaner and stronger government. This show of Youngistan Zindabad on IBN-Lokmat brings to you the views of young Indians on some of the major issues in Indian politics, corruption being themajor one.Tune in to IBN-Lokmat this Friday 4thof April at 7.30pm and listen to what the youth of our country has to say about tainted Politicians in India and if they are the right people to be a part of our government. This show of YoungistanZindabad is presented by Hero & co presented by AJNARA.

Indian Politics is tainted with a high amount of corruption amongst many government officials whose doors are closed for the honest and hardworking candidates. Right from agricultural scams to coal scams to illegal land deals and the list goes on. Many policies implemented by the central government have failed due to lack of a strong and transparent delivery system. Our government lacks in accountability and transparency.

Our government central as well as state is made up of many politicians charged with different cases and connected with many scams in different sectors. Criminal charges on politicians are also not rare to find. Many of these political leaders offer money and lure the public especially in rural areas to gain votes.  India’s development and growth is hindered by all these factors.  India needs a stronger law as well as a better education system which will enable voters to vote for the right candidate.

Tune in to IBN-Lokmat this Friday 4thof April at 7.30pm to know more about what the youth of India have to say on corruption and whether taintedpoliticians should be nominated in the Loksabha elections only on Youngistan Zindabad.