‘A multipurpose fitness bag’

DECEMBER 19, 2016 - As the season to say hello to winter and embrace the Christmas cheer fast approaches, what better way to stay fit for Christmas than to update a sports fitness selection or treat that special person with a YIX bag from the stable of YIX Fitness LLC. From the excitement of wandering the mountains, to a casual walk to the park, to needing a bag for a yoga mat, to a hot and sweaty hike or even a day trip exploring all a town has to offer, to the practicality of commuting with computers, the YIX bag should be on the back for all this and more. The healthy back bag from YIX fitness LLC was made with health and style in mind, it is easy to use, long-lasting, multi-purpose, stylish, comfy and affordable. It has Zippers and pockets that adorn the durable exterior, offering easy access for on-the-go essentials. Its unique shape is stylish and ergonomically designed to be easy on the back. It’s never been easier to sling a backpack on the back and get going. You can take your yoga backpack everywhere.

YIX bag has adjustable straps that will fit all body sizes and shapes. With Waterproof material that stands the toughest of weather; there is an assurance of a pack that will last you a very long time.

It has multiple storage pockets for perfect organization and a deep cavity that holds more than you can know, there is always a storage for everything you need, when you need it, within reach; it has 2 side pockets made out of mesh material that allows water/Protein shake bottle. A large zippered main compartment is also complimented by two pockets on the front and one zip pocket in the back, which could be used for carrying yoga blocks, towel or other workout gear. The exclusively designed yoga mat pocket unveils a stretchy mesh pocket that is suitable for a range of mat sizes, and adjustable straps that keep everything secure. It is also very durable because it features a durable polyester construction, this sturdy YIX bag is water resistant and can withstand the wear and tear of the daily commute. The heaviest loads become less of a burden on the shoulder because of the cushioned, adjustable strap.

YIX bag also got style, be the most stylish person in the studio or anywhere you carry it to, it is available in multiple bright, eye-catching colors, it's easy to find a yoga mat bag to match a favorite mat or pair of yoga pants. It can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and return the backpack back to its original state.

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