April 02, 2013 — Currently, the Yaz Lawsuit Team website, http://www.YazLawSuitTeam.com, a leading consumer information website is renewing their commitment in helping patients suffering from the drug’s severe side effects. They provide free case evaluations to victims of Yaz to help them learn if they have a case. This service is dedicated to help particularly women who have experienced life-threatening Yaz blood clots such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, which were confirmed to be caused by an active ingredient of the birth control pill Yaz, Drospirenone.

According to the owner of YazLawsuitTeam.com:“One of the active ingredients in Yaz, drospirenone, a synthetic progesterone, is a focus of the MDL lawsuit since it is unique to Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella. It is believed that drospirenone may play a major role in the increased risk of blood clots over other birth control pills.”

Pitched as a wonder birth control drug that can also help in the relief of acne and PMS, Yaz was considered as a miracle pill by many women in the United States since its release in 2006. But when a great number of women started complaining about serious Yaz side effects, many women victims of the drug decided to file a Yaz lawsuit; and after more than five years, their fight for justice and compensation is still not finished.

In other reports, in one of the latest financial statements released by Bayer, settlement for cases involving Yaz has reached a staggering number of more than 3,000 cases with approximately $214,000 per individual case. Yet for some American women who still need proper legal representation, often identifying if they qualify for compensation is a challenge; and here is where YazLawSuitTeam.com is offering their assistance.

In one of the reports by ABC World News they state, “All birth control pills come with some risk. Two to four women per 10,000 on the pill will suffer blood clots, and some will die as a result. But with Yaz, several new independent studies have put that risk two to three times higher.”

With all these new findings, more women are discovering their legal rights and with the proper legal assistance and free case evaluation provided by YazLawSuitTeam.com, they can learn quickly if they have a case against the manufacturer of Yaz. For more information how they can help, visit their website today or contact their representative for further details at 1-888-842-5246.

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