Swansea, UK — Last week, Yamgo launched a new channel offering viewers full length Hindi movies to watch 24 hours a day. The new channel, appropriately titled “Hindi Movies”, features a range of new and classic Hindi movies from action and romance to comedy and horror. The Hindi Movies channel is now available worldwide across the Yamgo TV websites, smartphone apps and even its Facebook Application.

Hindi Movies was launched on the Yamgo network after a new deal was signed with content owner Everymedia Technologies. Everymedia Technologies are one of India’s biggest online and mobile marketing companies specializing in delivering digital campaigns for global corporations including film studios and production companies.

Gautam B Thakker, CEO, Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. said about the new partnership with Yamgo, “Going by the popularity of Hindi films worldwide, offering a wide range of movies across genre, digitally, is a great step forward to give international audiences an easy access to them. Yamgo’s strong digital presence and network distribution will ensure that our content reaches out to the masses, overseas.”

Vishvendra Sharma Head of Content Acquisitions & Syndication, Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. added, “Now with the industry moving digital, Digital distribution has become key for Hindi movies. With Yamgo’s strong distribution network in the region, its Mobile TV & Apps, it will become more convenient for users to watch movies on the go. It will help us to reach, and offer our premium movies, to audience based in UK and Europe.”

The Hindi Movies TV channel has launched with a mixture of movies for viewers to watch with the selection consistently refreshed and the collection added to. The movies available span a range of genres including Romance, Horror, Comedy, Action and Adventure.

Ian Mullins, the founder and CEO of Yamgo, stated, “At Yamgo we pride ourselves on having developed a premium line-up of Hindi entertainment. Hindi Movies looks set to become yet another successful channel on Yamgo. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our viewers full length movies which are 100% licensed and rights cleared, something that not many other entertainment websites can hold their hand up to. We look forward to working closely with Everymedia and building on the success of the new Hindi Movies TV channel.”

Yamgo is an ever-expanding network, not only does it have a variety of genres available including Bollywood, Fashion, Sport, News and Entertainment, it also offers over 100 live and linear channels available for viewers to watch on several platforms. At present Yamgo has developed successful mobile and desktop websites, smartphone applications for Nokia, Android and iOS and most recently Yamgo became the first network to offer viewers live television directly on Facebook via their unique application for the social network.

To watch the new Hindi Movies channel viewers can visit the Yamgo website . Viewers who opt to login with Facebook can unlock premium TV channels for free. Alternatively the Yamgo TV app is available to download from Google Play , iTunes App Store or Ovi for Nokia .

About Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.:

Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a full-service digital media and mobile marketing company and consummate communication strategists. They are leaders in delivering end to end digital marketing campaigns and pioneers in design, development and technology.

They work across brands, media owners, advertisers, publishers, aggregators, content providers and operators. Everymedia uses online and mobile solutions to offer reach and local targeting along with an understanding of user groups. They are borderline film buffs and engage ‘tribes’ using social media.

They also deal in unpaid media, online reputation management tools and engagement models. Apart from these, they do brand sponsorships and co-branding using digital properties and offer unique merchandising for brand promotion. Everymedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and London.


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Yamgo’s technology platform has been designed to maximise the compatibility across networks and phones. It does this by dynamically adapting video streams to address the different needs of more than 10,000 mobile devices and networks from 2.5G, 3G and 4G to Wi-Fi and broadband. Yamgo delivers the experiences of live television, primetime programming and video-on-demand services on all major device platforms including Java, Android, iPhone, iPad, Symbian and more.

The Yamgo TV service is available via a bouquet of platforms including desktop and mobile websites, smartphone applications for Android, iOS, Nokia and Blackberry and a Facebook application that allows users to watch Yamgo TV channels directly inside the social network so viewers can check notifications and interact with friends whilst watching television.

Founded in 2005 by Ian Mullins, an expert in mobile TV technology and publishing, Yamgo has evolved from a small team producing made-for-mobile video clips into a developer of carrier-grade mobile TV technology, specialising in the delivery of real-time linear TV. Yamgo’s vision is to deliver free live TV and video to mobile phones around the globe and empower consumers with access to their favourite TV shows anytime anywhere. Yamgo has offices in Swansea and London and a team of experts from the mobile, advertising, IT and TV industries.

For more information about Yamgo’s managed end-to-end services and hosted content delivery technology and solutions, please visit www.yamgo.com

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