30, October 2015: Yamamoto-Asset-Management.com today launched an innovative series of financial indexes that aim to fundamentally improve the way individuals and their advisors plan and save for retirement.


The Yamamoto Asset Management YAM Retirement Index series (or the “YAM Indexes”), backed by the firm’s world-class analytics, will enable an investor or advisor to calculate either of two critical figures: (1) how much estimated annual income an investor’s savings will provide throughout retirement, or conversely, (2) the level of savings an investor needs to generate a desired amount of annual income throughout retirement.

Because the YAM Indexes are designed to reliably translate savings into estimated lifetime income, investors can also use a YAM Index as a benchmark for monitoring retirement portfolio performance relative to an income goal, and/or in the course of designing and implementing a retirement income-focused investment plan.

“The YAM Indexes will deliver truly ground breaking support for investors grappling with today’s most critical financial planning question: ‘Do I have enough money to retire?’”, said EsakiKikunae, Managing Director and head of Yamamoto Asset Management. “By distilling investors’ retirement income need into a single number that can be accessed easily and checked regularly, the YAM Indexes will offer an invaluable new starting point for retirement planning as well as support better informed discussions between investors and advisors on strategies for securing critical retirement income.”

Unlike traditional retirement planning “calculators” that rely on user assumptions and hypothetical inputs to generate a result, the YAM Indexes are based on comprehensive, real-time market data and a broad-based portfolio of fixed income securities.

About Yamamoto-Asset-Management.com:

Yamamoto Asset Management (yamamoto-asset-managment.com) is a leading alternative investment manager, based in Tokyo. The Firm manages investments in financial markets, liquid alternatives and specialized long-only solutions and has an Asian team of over 100 professionals with 25 nationalities. Yamamoto Asset Management has invested in outstanding investment opportunities on behalf of its global investor base of individual investors, pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, banks, endowments and foundations. The firm provides alternative investment solutions to institutional investors through a broad range of fund of funds programs. With a state-of-the-art infrastructure to rely on, the investment teams can seek to deliver investment solutions and efficient and risk-managed services.