China; 14, April 2015: Every shopping mall and supermarket owner prefers to have stylish display boards to grab the attention of the customers. Ya Cai Display Limited has brought out variety of stylish and colourful attractive boards in the market. The products are quite durable and can retain their shiny appearance for a long period of time. The main product of the firm consists of variety of colourful cardboard floor displays which are available in many designs and shades. These stands contain tiers and can be easily placed on the floors for the purpose of displaying products like smartphones, laptops, tablets, food items, toys, books, watches, shoes, first aids and many more. These boards can withstand the pressure of the loads quite easily. They not only allow the users for easy pick up of items but also help them to spot any particular product quite easily. These items help to grab the attention of the customers in shopping malls and supermarkets.

The firm manufactures different types of POS display counter stands for drawing the attention of consumers towards a particular product of any shop. These stands make it easier for the owners to promote any product in an attractive manner. They are available in many colours and shapes and occupy limited ground space. These items also contain tiers for effective product display in the shops. These are primarily used for promoting special product offer or seasonal discount offer in every product. Here advertisement layouts can be easily fixed for drawing the attention of the consumers. Users have the opportunity to view all the latest designs in the site of the company. Merchandise products can be kept inside these boards in organised manner.

The company has also launched many POS dump bins for the promotion of any particular product like new book, gadgets, shoes and many more. These are available in multiple colour and sizes. It occupies less installation space and is painted with environment friendly colours. They do have excellent support system and so never easily tumbles on the ground. The tiers allow sufficient space for keeping the products in good condition. The agency also manufactures various kinds of gift boxes for safe keeping of the products. These items are used for selling sweets and other delicious dessert items during festive seasons.

Customers have the option for product inquiry simply through visiting its site. They can see all the latest display products of the company. The company provides security to the sensitive information of the clients very effectively. Shipping delivery charge is mainly dependent on the destination of the delivery. Delivery period normally takes 3-5 days. All the products are manufactured in the company’s plants. For any query on price and product delivery clients can contact to the main office of the company any time.

About Ya Cai Display Limited:

Ya Cai Display Limited is a supplier of variety of display boards. Its products are mainly used for ornamental display of commercial products in every shopping mall of the country. The products have received positive feedbacks from international clients as well. Viewers can log on the site for more information.

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