16, September 2014: Curiosity sometimes leads to an extreme urge to see the world in every possible shade and with great detail. Smartphones today have strong cameras that help one look at the world in some detail, but there is a limit to the detail in which the world is captured.

Introducing Xeye, a wireless microscope, which gives a thousand times magnified image of objects and can be attached to almost any device. The innovative new product is the ideal purchase for anyone who wishes to capture an enhanced version of the world around and is now up on Indiegogo for crowdsourcing.

An ultramodern, one of a kind product, Xeye is stylish and chic, a perfect addition to those wishing to collect new-age products that enhance their experience of the world around. Stylishly packed, this product has a thousand time magnification system with sci-fi like built-in features. Xeye can be connected to a range of devices including laptops, phones or tablets across various operating systems, whether it is iOS, Android or Windows. What’s more, this gadget can be voice as well as touch controlled, which makes for convenience and ease of usage.

Transforming any device in such a way as to add to it a micro mode camera, Xeye has an 8mp image sensor and a built in illuminator that can be used by anyone and everyone, be it a child wishing to know more about the world, a technology gadget collector or a photographer wishing to give his or her pictures a whole new level of detail.

All one needs to do to operate this device is attach it to your tablet or smartphone or laptop, download the app (which will be made available across different operating systems), connect and give the command for the pictures to be taken! It’s easy to do and gives the user an almost surreal picture taking experience.

Having gone through a rigorous planning and designing procedure, the creators of this product finally came up with the ideal creation that now requires crowdfunding in order to ensure that the project takes off. Up on Indiegogo for the next 32 days, the creators invite interested parties all around the world to become part of the creation of this innovative product by helping fund its production.

For more information about the product and to make your contribution, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xeye-the-smartest-microscope-macro-camera-ever.

Media Contact:
Name: Sapna Sharma
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