Would you swallow your pride for love?

~ Catch thestory of a small town girl whose big dreams made her lose everythingon Emotional Atyachaar~


At times, it so happens that, in their attempt to achieve what isn’t theirs, one doesn’t appreciate the value of what they have until it’s gone. Such was the story of Jaya, a small town girl who was blinded by her ambition of having a glamorous identity.  Jaya, an innocent girl at first, wanted to experience the city-life and convinced her orthodox parents toallow her to pursue her higher studies in Mumbai.


However instead of concentrating on her studies, Jaya constantly tried to ape the glamorous lifestyle of the girls in the city. She used to stay at an all-girls hostel and realized that she didn’t fit in with the city girls,however she aspired to become like them and made all efforts to be a part of the crowd. She wore clothes which she wouldn’t have, otherwise,and approached the girls to help her out but was turned into an object of mockery instead. Though, this made Jaya feel extremely nervous and intimidated, she never gave up and seized every opportunity that came her way. She attempted to be a part of the cultural program, tried to be friends with them and wore modern clothes but, all in vain.


As Jaya continued being troubled by the other girls, she still admired them for their popularity and appearance and asked for a chance to prove herself. Therefore, one of the girls gave her an opportunity and so, she was invited to Pavan’shouse-party, who was immediately smitten by Jaya after her complete makeover. After receiving all the attention that Jaya always craved for, she was happy that she had finally fit in. Soon, Pavan asked her out romantically and they started dating. This seemed picture perfect for Jaya but she was still not satisfieduntill she taught a lesson to those girls. This side of Jaya brought the worst out of her.

Due to her wrongdoings, Pavan broke all ties with her and she was back to square one where she was looked upon as a laughing stock. What underhanded deeds led to Jaya losing out on Pavan?


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