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Turbo Monitoring is the type of company which provides excellent and high quality services to all turbomachinery operators. Turbine vibration condition monitoring, machinery diagnostics services, vibration analysis and damage investigation services, turbine vibration measurement services, turbine blade failure assessment… anything you could possibly want or need from a company is being offered by Turbo Monitoring! It truly represents the best possible provider of independent machinery diagnostics services, being much appreciated mainly due to its staff members’ commitment and passion into helping as many clients as possible. Turbo Monitoring is also highly spoken of due to the fact that it has always struggled to achieve a high level of excellence and competence and has made a promise to offer assistance to turbomachinery operators who want to maximise machine availability and reduce repairs costs.


This amazing and 100% reliable company has been set up in the year of 2011 by a team led by a very knowledgeable and experienced machinery diagnostics consultant by the name of Matthew Collins. He has been a Senior Consultant at Allianz’s Centre for Technology in Munich, having also gained experience through Bently Nevada and Vibrocam training, and has obtained a Mechanical Engineering degree from Imperial College London, as well as an MBA degree from INSEAD Business School in France. Furthermore, this turbine vibration investigation company is registered in Munich, but has other offices in the United Kingdom and Germany.


It is also important to note that, due to the fact that turbomachinery is amongst the most operation-critical equipment in the world, Turbo Monitoring offer assistance to both operators and original manufacturers who deal with a wide range of safety and quality-control issues which are indubitably outside their expertise. The staff members from this exceptional company are indubitably ready to provide their clients with valuable advice and high quality turbine vibration, respecting the ISO 7919 standards.


They are very passionate about their job and determined to share their extensive knowledge with the clients involved in the acquisition and operation of turbomachinery, providing support on a case-by-case basis. The list of common areas where the Turbo Monitoring team members offer assistance includes the following: overhaul/repairs (before and after measurements), new commissioning measurements, over speed testing, component balancing, design verification according to standards (API 611/ 612 or ISO 7919), rotordynamic layout (resonance separation margins) and so on and so forth.


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