WorryFreeWorker.com is proud to announce the launch of the WorryFreeWorker.com Crowdfunding campaign for the production of the new Catfish and Poultry Farming Agri-business video tutorials.

WorryFreeWorker.com is an online resource that is changing the lives of young entrepreneurs and employees with a desire to start their own business.

WorryFreeWorker.com recommends starting out as a sidepreneur, having your own business on the side while employed, as the best way to begin the process of generating an additional stream of income. The website hosts a whole range of resources from reports to investing information to help those ready to take their career and destiny into their own hands.

WorryFreeWorker.com is the brainchild of Femi Oyelese, a farmer, engineer and investor, who himself took the relevant steps to develop his own small business and is now determined to share his experiences with others.
When asked about his desire to pursue greatness in his own life Femi said, “I was deeply saddened when I realized how little my salary was as a graduate, and I knew it wouldn’t get me to where I needed to be in life…so I took the steps necessary to generate additional streams of income for myself and although I experienced many setbacks and disappointments along the way, I finally got myself to a place where I could create reliable sources of income for myself…”

The WorryFreeWorker.com crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds to produce the training course video tutorials for developing a catfish or poultry farming business, in the ever popular agri-business sector.
By producing the video tutorials WorryFreeWorker.com will provide access to anyone in any location with a desire to learn how to start their own business on the side within the Agri-Business sector.
To find out more abut WorryFreeWorker.com and the services they offer check out the website(http://www.worryfreeworker.com/).

For further information or for specific questions please contact:

Sherile Turner-Myles
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