United Kingdom, 7th June 2014: People across the world are travelling more than ever. With more number people travelling from one part of the other the need for a single mode of communication expanded more than ever. To facilitate this need and eliminating all kinds of roaming costs, WorldSIM has come up with its global wireless services. The service not only helps in staying connected but also helps in keeping communications cheaper. The idea is simple as they say ‘the world’s local sim’. Presently the customers are receiving incoming calls for free and make outgoing calls at 1p/min. This is available for more than 90 countries as of now.

The company has been known to be one of the most innovative ideas and has also received acclamations through various awards globally. The most notable of them all has been by the Business Travel Show where the company had received the Gold Award for innovation and best customer service. Since its inception the team has been working towards enhancement of their innovative idea as well as expanding the reach of the services offered. The known innovation is the award winning multi IMSI SIM card which was developed by the company itself. The company has also developed its own international mobile phone as well as data roaming USB sticks. Moreover, the company is on the verge of launching more innovative products this year.

The entire team at WorldSIM is quite small but includes some of the most talented and experienced professionals. Right from manufacture of travel accessories to SIM card the company has launched a wide number of innovative products. The company has its head office and provides its services in respect to international calls, data roaming, and hosts of other connectivity options to over 90 countries. To know more about what products they have on offer and to purchase them, customers can check their online portal. The website lists down all the products, along with description for them all. The website also offers support services for both new and existing clients. In case customers have more queries they could get in touch with the company through the mentioned contact details. The company also maintains a travel blog where it features latest updates from the world of travel as well as innovative gadgets which are making news. The blog definitely provides more information about the products as well as the uses which each of them may have.

About WorldSIM:


WorldSIM is a global wireless service provider which has launched various innovative products in the field of technology and communications. The company has a small team and a collective experience of over 100 years in the field of communications. Global SIM cards as well as affordable calling options internationally is what has made the company popular since its inception in 2006.