Lynx Hypnos Blows Away Reviewers at Major Industry Event

Los Angeles CA, 25-NOVEMBER-2015 — L.A. based VGO LLC ( has caught the attention of the industry with the launch of the first ever 4-temperature adjustable concentrate vaporizer, Linx Hypnos at the recent Hempcon event in San Bernadino.

Independent reviewers and industry insiders attending the event were invited to 'test hit' the revolutionary new vape.  They immediately began clicking between the choices of temperature settings to compare the difference. Pre-set on low, a user simply needs to click to toggle up the temperature control settings require from low and slow to hot and heavy. Such flexibility gives users complete control based on the experience they seek. It also allows for more efficient usage of the concentrate.

Having experienced the exclusive 4-way adjustable temperature feature, reviewers turned their attention to other impressive components of the Hypnos vape pen. Its 100% ceramic chamber and pure glass mouthpiece provided protection from the unwanted chemicals such as plastics, paint, glue or fiber in the vapor.

Hempcon reviewers were also impressed by the style, elegance, construction and size of the new Hypnos.  Measuring only 10 cm in length, it's shorter than common ballpoint pen.  The stainless steel shell provides a simple, elegant but durable feel.  This portable power house with 4 temperature stages comes complete with one rechargeable battery, one ceramic atomizer, and a USB charger.  Linx Vapor also offers a free one year limited warranty with every Linx Hypnos.

About Linx Vapor

The goal of L.A. based VGO LLC is to combine maximum innovation with superior style, design and construction to the growing category of vaporizers.  VGO LLC (brand name Linx Vapor) insures every product to be of the highest quality through constant and rigorous testing, and never settles for less than perfect.
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