09 July, 2014: Boutique design hotel WorldHotel Ripa Roma was one of the entities sponsoring this year’s Isola del Cinema film festival, after management put pen to paper on a sponsorship and partnership deal with this film-centric event. 

By signing this agreement, WorldHotel Ripa Roma joined a select group of companies that included major courier and distribution company DHL, as well as a number of State and independently funded organisms relating to the world of film or art as a whole. 

The reasoning given by management of WorldHotel Ripa Roma to justify this sponsorship agreement was related to the fact that the event’s venue — the river island of Tiberina — is located only a stone’s throw from the hotel itself, making this a local event worth sponsoring and patronising. The potential commercial benefits deriving from this venture – namely an intake of patrons attending the film festival – were also deemed substantial enough for the deal to materialise. 

The Isola del Cinema film festival is one of the most unique events in the Italian cultural calendar, due in large part to its location. As noted above, the festival is generally held in Tiberina, an island on the river Tiber, which technically forms part of Rome’s city limits. This offbeat, appealing location, coupled with the usual offer of high-quality independent films by exciting young filmmakers, is what attracts many cinema aficionados — both local and foreign — to this yearly event. 

This year’s festival took place between June 4 and June 6, and featured a surprising influence from the Balkans, perhaps due to the strong Balkanic community in Isola. Highlights of the 2014 edition of Isola del Cinema included an entire cycle dedicated to 35mm films, as well as a retrospective of a handful of classics from decades past, ranging from a 1924 production to a film made in 1964. 

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