China, 05, September 2014: Graphic arts is one of the most effective means of conveying a message. There is no shortage of creative graphics anywhere in the world. From apparels to huge hoardings along the roads, photos, textures and patterns can be seen everywhere. The high-end printers that are used to produce fine graphics on different materials are manufactured by a few companies. World Best Import & Export manufactures as well as supplies flatbed printer. It has a number of factories in mainland China and is based in Hong Kong. The company manufactures a range of flatbed inkjet printers and has customers spread in different parts of the world.

World Best Import & Export Company specialises in manufacturing different types of flatbed printer. Special printer, 3D printer, hot stamping printer, food printer, garment printer, customised gift printer, card printer and multifunction printer are the main products in the range of flatbed inkjet printers manufactured by World Best Company. The company has been dedicated to the manufacturing and supply of printers for many years, during which it expanded its production facility to the current total of 5 factories in mainland China. Besides, it is involved in co-operative manufacturing too. Wozzland Industries, ZM Computer Consumables Firm, World Best Industries and Print The World Technology Company are the Australian companies that manufacture in co-operation with World Best Company.

World Best Company manufactures LED UV printers, phone case printers, coffee printers, transfer machines, plotter printer and UV coating machines. All the machines serve to highly technical and specialised printing purposes. A UV printer is one of the most versatile printing machines ever created. It overrides all limitations posed by the type of material of the object and/or the coating on it. It can print on ABS, stone, crystal, glass, wood leather, PVC, metal and plastic. In other words, UV printers can print can print on any object irrespective of the material it is made of. Another significant advantage of UV printers is the use of white ink, which is not available for other printers.

The popularisation of smartphones has created scope for business in many other industries. The trend of printed and customised phone covers is an opportunity that printing companies can exploit with a good phone cover printer. Phone cover printers manufactured by World Best Company are well-designed and incorporate stable technology. They can print directly and the result is scratch resistant and water proof. Printing companies can inquire about the kind of machine they need. The phone operators or the office attendants can assist prospective customers in making the appropriate choice.

About World Best Import & Export Company Limited:


World Best Import & Export Company is located at Minzhi Avenue in Baoan District of Shenzhen City. It has 6 factories in mainland China. It specialises in manufacturing flatbed inkjet printers. The company has its own research & development, quality control & assurance, pre & post sales services and engineering departments.