USA - LCD Bubble Remover machine is very usually applied equipment for each LCD screen manufacturer. Today, in order to let each client know more about this machine, the illustrious LCD Bubble eliminated machine manufacturer will introduce the basically principle and composition of their high quality machine.

This machine uses the heat pipe heating and manual and automatic door locking manner to remove the bubbles in the LCD screen. This Lcd laminating machine could be mainly applied in LCD module production line. After the workmanship of polarizer and the LCD glass, ITO film and glass has been completed, there will be some inevitable bubble in the process of polaroid correction. In this kind of situation, the LCD bubble remover machine should be very necessary. It will apply the pressure and temperature principle to remove the bubble that products in the bonding process of the polarizer glasses. This working process will enhance the bonding force between different materials.

Now, the famous LCD Bubble Remover machine and Cell phone repair tools online supplier will introduce with people the mainly system of the bubble removing machine.

The first part is the pressure bubble-off machine. This machine could be mainly divided into two parts which are pneumatic system and deflation system. The pneumatic system could be divided into air filters, solenoid valves, pressure switches and other components. The deflation system is consisted of solenoid valve, manual valve, muffler, safety valves and other components.

After the introduction of first part, the second part is the heating and temperature controlling system. This part is another crucial part of the LCD VACUUM LAMINATING MACHINE . It could be mainly classified into the temperature controller, heater, thermocouple, PID regulation and controlling device and others.

The last major part is the electrical controlling system. The operation mode of this machine is automatic running or manual operation. The mainly operation process refers to complex motors, cylinders, heating system, pressure enhancing system and others. The whole machine applies the touch screen and PLC as the main control element and devices. Furthermore, the rest of their controlling components such as temperature control table, the pressure control device, the thermocouple, contactors, photoelectric switches, solenoid valves and others are all controlled by the PLC devices. The operation should be totally according to process requirements.

The information all above is the main working principle and components of the LCD bubble remover machine. If people want to know more information about this machine, please do not hesitate to get contact with


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