Working hunter numnahs come in many different shapes and sizes. You can go for a lamb skin working hunter numnah in brown measuring about 15.5”, which costs about 75 pounds. The same sized numnah could be purchased for half the price, as long as you are not concerned about picking the best possible brand with assurance of reliability, durability and riding comfort. You have other size options available for numnahs. For example, there are large 17” ones and extra-large 17.5 to 18” ones available as well to fit the right kind of saddle and the right kind of horse. Medium sized ones are also available for those who want to get the perfect fit and rightly so.


High quality working hunter numnahs come with perfect discrete edges along with a special elasticated panel strap. There are high quality lamb skin varieties with fantastic depth. These are also provided with cut away girth areas. This ensures that the girth fits snugly. That in turn reduces the slippage making the ride far more comfortable. Working hunter showing saddles are accommodated in some cases with those numnahs with a front edge. Several different sizes are available so that these fit different sizes and shapes of show saddles too. It is important to check the spine length without including the rolled edges, the depth, the rear depth, the upper and the lower panel width of a numnah to get the perfect idea about whether it will be the right fit or not.


In high quality working hunter numnahs you will see a spine length of 43 cm for an extra-large model while the rolled edges are approximately 2.5 to 3 cm. It is important to pick the right kind of numnahs to fit the right saddles. Breathable varieties come with hook and loop fasteners as well. It is interesting to note that in the top there are hook and loop fastener girth strap loops while at the base there are single girth loops. Inbuilt wicking is also provided in some of them making them even more breathable.


This helps in getting rid of the moisture or sweat, thereby making it more comfortable for the horses. There are varieties available for side saddle and show pony, native pony and reactor panels. There are even correction system varieties.


It is a good idea to pick working hunter numnahs from top brands as you are assured of quality and variety. Versatile numnahs provide good value for your money as they can be used for all kinds of saddles and can be used for daily use. Lightweight ones in different colours protect the horseback and make the ride even more comfortable, while ensuring that there is no slippage. It is important to make sure that you get genuine sheep skin or lamb skin if you are paying more for it than the ordinary non-branded products available. These are available along with bridle accessories, long and short girths, seat savers and even saddle pads for the complete riding experience.


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