With Bates Express, you can achieve quite a lot when you are dealing with huge files and folders. These files would be converted into batches quickly, because of this amazing software. The website is able to offer you a wide variety of different packages, which would be able to suit your budget and the kind of work that is required to be done. Stamp bates can be done literally in one click. You can now convert doc files, HTML files, and email documents to PDF documents, along with stamp bates number to individual pages. This can be achieved with one click. You will realize that the daily routines of production and discovery can be minimized through this website, and this can be done at an affordable price. You just need to leave your number, and then Bates Express will call you up to tell you the numerous benefits of availing the deals at the website.

For  stamp bates , the website would be the ideal place, because this feature allows the processing of files and folders in a matter of few minutes. You do not need to do much except select and click. The program is able to do everything for you. This means that your time will be saved, and you will not have to spend energy doing some redundant work. This will increase the efficiency greatly. At this website, before you place your order, you can use the trial version, which is available. This trial version is available at free of cost, and you will find that this actually does benefit you quite a lot, in saving time and efficiency. This version is available for a specified period. You will find it to be extremely user-friendly software, which has an intuitive interface. There are different kinds of files that you can convert, as well.

One of the best advantages about Bates Express is the fact that it is highly affordable. This is perhaps the best thing that will appeal to you, since these kinds of software tend to be quite expensive. The best way of processing stamp bates automatically is available at this particular website.

Once you sign into the website, you can easily find your way about, because it has been made keeping the user in mind. You will definitely be able to find one, which will suit you the most. In fact, you also have the option of using predefined stamps, which include attorney’s eyes only, confidential, highly confidential and commercially sensitive.

Furthermore, you can also make a variety of changes to these stamps, such as adding customized text, along with font, color and size of these stamps. You may also be able to select the position of these stamps. Therefore, for all the affordability and efficiency that you can possibly achieve, choose this website.

About the Company

Bates Express is the place for you if you are looking for the right way to increase efficiency. The packages will be able to process folders and stamp bates in batches easily and quickly - http://batesexpress.com/