Malaysia - is the billboard in online shopping. This is the ideal website for consumers who are not sure which websites to rely on for their online shopping. There are too many products and too many websites. It is difficult to know which website offers the best promotional products. Most consumers also find a hard time identifying the most popular and reliable websites. aims to review and rate products using a back-end engine. The company has recently introduced new everyday deal site from Malaysia which has a variety of categories for consumer products. This enables consumers find the best quality promotional products from all online shops in Malaysia.” said the spokesperson from while speaking about the vision of the company.

Some of the categories of products that are being promoted on the new site include fashion, beauty and wellness, travel, parents and kids, food and drinks, pets, gifts, gadgets, home and appliances, car care, sports and activities etc.

All products are rated on the basis of the sources of input. Information on the products is updated every two hours. Customers can also view, bookmark, share or comment on any product that they wish. The criteria used to rank the products are:

- How popular the product is on social media and according to Alexa ranking (Alexa ranking gives information on things like global ranking and traffic data) - The number of people who bought the product prior to ranking - If it is new deal Malaysia or product - The number of people who shared, viewed or bookmarked the product is a new website that provides a gateway to Malaysia online shopping. is the first to have a ranking board for the latest deals Malaysia and promotions in Asia. Products are listed either by rank or by the latest. There are various sources from which the  everyday deal  site compares and then rates the products. Some of these sources include Dealmates, Groupon, GroupMe, MyDeal, MilkADeal, ILoveDiscounts, JackCow, and LivingSocial among others. bases on how products from Malaysia are ranked on these sites then develops its own ranking.

Although most products are ranked at national level, there are other products and deals which are ranked according to towns. For example there are products ranked for towns like Penang, Ipoh, Kuching, Malacca, Klang Valley and others. Some promotional products which are mostly discussed have provisions for free delivery to west Malaysia. When coupon Malaysia is used to buy products online, customers are offered discounts.

There are always thousands of products online every day, the primary goal of this website is to review and rate the products so that online shoppers can find the best. One will find it on the new Malaysia everyday deal site regardless of what category of product or deal he is looking for.

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