The contact information stored on a mobile phone, (names, addresses, e-mails, etc...) is contained within a vCard file. Should someone decide to change their mobile phone, and with it, their operating system, it is vital that they are also able to easily move their vCard files from their current handset to their new one.

Due to the unique features inherent with the new iPhone5, the transfer of vCard files from another handset to the iPhone requires the use of an additional ios manager tool. This can very quickly become a complicated, and drawn-out process. have recently released their ‘MobileGo for ios’ program, as a direct solution to the many complications which can arise when attempting to  copy vCard files to iPhones  .

MobileGo is a software capable of transferring any file, (including vCard files), from one mobile phone to another via the use of a PC. It is easy to use and has been found to greatly reduce the time required to transfer vcf to iPhone, the vast majority of data transactions taking only a few minutes to complete.

Wondershare’s MobileGo program has been proven to significantly simplify the transition between a users old cellphone and their new one.

ABOUT: is the principle website of Wondershare, a professional ‘mobile manager’ software manufacturer, based in Shenzhen, China.

Wondershare’s products range from multimedia tools, compatible with different platforms including Mac and Windows, to innovative and cost-effective software in both business and PC utilities. Wondershare’s mobile application group also offers users apps, operating on both iPhone and Android.

Since it’s inception in 2003, Wondershare has extended its business reach worldwide. Consistently dedicated to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through their production and implementation of diversified consumer software products and services, they have been able to attain a compound annual growth rate of 100%.

Certified as a National High-Tech Enterprise by The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Wondershare is now widely recognized as being amongst the top consumer software providers in China.

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