In recent years it has become more and more common for individuals to use their mobile phones as much more than a useful means of communication. With the constant improvement in phone based camera technology, not to mention the ever increasing memory capacity now prevalent in these modern smartphones, the potential for severe inconvenience when things go wrong them is enormous.

There is perhaps no more popular smartphone on the market at the moment than the iPhone. As an essential piece of kit for it’s many millions of users, should something go wrong with it that requires the implementation of a complete restoration of the factory settings, (not all that uncommon an occurrence), then the loss of all important data, contacts and files can be incredibly disheartening.

Fortunately this need no longer be the case as the world renowned software company, Wondershare Software, have developed a brand new program capable of enabling it’s users to fully restore their lost iPhone data after a full factory settings restoration including the great feature of iPhone photo recovery after restore .

The new, ‘Dr. Fone’ program, includes a free trial that is now available at, it is custom designed to maximize the chances of its users being able to recover iPhone data after a full factory restoration .

What believe sets their program apart from many others, including Apples’s own programs, is the ability to allow their users to select exactly which files they wish to restore.

ABOUT: is the principle website of the international software company, Wondershare Software, which provides it’s users with various utility application software and multimedia software.

Established in early 2003, in Shenzhen, China near Hong Kong, Wondershare Software has since extended its business reach worldwide. Consistently dedicated to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through their production and implementation of diversified consumer software products and services, they have been able to maintain the quite astounding feat of amassing a compound annual growth rate of 100%.

Certified as a National High-Tech Enterprise by The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Wondershare Software is now widely recognized as being amongst the top consumer software providers in China.

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