Many people are unaware that the vast majority of women all over the globe will experience uterine fibroid in their lifetime. The survey conducted to better understand the ratio and experience of women with uterine fibroids. The study shows that many women are seeking medical treatment to relieve from the symptoms that cause them to not achieving their career goals and had suffered a changed attitude about fertility had an impact on work.

The surgery concluded that women with uterine fibroids if delay in diagnosis may advance women’s fibroids growth. The survey wants to empower women to get diagnosed early so that they may less likely to require a hysterectomy. Best hospitals for fibroid surgery in India treats patients with uterus fibroids which enable many women to return to normal activities in one or two days with improving quality of life.

The fibroid is a noncancerous tumour which grows in uterus leading cause of hysterectomy. Heavy menstrual bleeding, frequent urination, pain and pressure in the lower belly can be some of the symptoms that need to be checked. Fibroids surgery has three options myomectomy, hysterectomy and endometrial ablation that can relieve the symptom. Hysterectomies involve permanent removal of uterus which prevents reoccurrence of fibroids with the loss of reproductive potential. The surgery is minimal invasion which makes the recovery fast.

The team leader of the survey said, “While hysterectomy has been a common procedure to treat fibroids, there is a need to educate women with affordable cost-benefit options. They should start the best treatment options for them and stop waiting and start taking the treatment and concern for future fertility and pregnancy. It will help you to get free from periods of pain and heavy menstrual flow and weight loss along with the routine lifestyle just a year after surgery.”

The surgery confirms that there is a lot of work still to be done in order to educate women with fibroids and their treatment options which may involve them in the decision-making process and makes the options of the low cost of fibroid treatment in India. Indian Med Guru Consultants have helped in organizing the survey to get the ratio of women suffering from uterus fibroids. They are the pioneer in connecting top hospitals and surgeons in India. They help international patients with medical visa, accommodations, medical tourism, frequent follow-ups, pick and drop facility from the airport.


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