London, United Kingdom; 17, April 2015: Alexandra John, successful business woman and co-founder of Meriglobe Capital House, a London based international company that mentors and nurtures entrepreneurs, is out on a mission to help women throughout the world establish their own business.

She has recently launched a new website, named “Women Online Club” that is a one-stop online portal for those women who want to get inspired, gain valuable information, learn something new, get valuable tools for business and seek crucial advice. In other words, it’s a site that provideswomen with motivation, courage and reassurance that they are not alone in this, and they too can become successful businesswomen.

The site features numerous informative articles and posts that guide readers on how to begin a business and what all steps they should take in order to ensure success of business.

According to Alexandra: “I first started as an entrepreneur online at the age of 23, when I launched a job portal. Then I held management positions in marketing and sales after which I started to do consulting which I still do today. Together with my husband, I founded an internationally successful company, Meriglobe Capital House, based in London, which is focused on consulting for businesses. Every day I solve business issues for our clients and I noticed that the same issues reoccur constantly. So I decided to help women who want to start their own business and launched Meriglobe Women Club.”

Apart from the website, Alex also has launched her new ebook, entitled “Giving Your Business The Right Face” that defines the significance of building a brand, and how it’s a key to a stable and successful company.

For more information, or to get a copy of book, simply visit:

About Women Online Club:

Women Online Club is the brainchild of Alexandra John that has been created with an aim to provide women worldwide with a unique platform, where they can learn effective tips and gain valuable information on how to set up a business, or how to effectively promote an already existing business.

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