Secure Law, a legal firm that specialises in medical negligence claims, secured compensation for the client.

The case dates back to July 2009 when the unnamed client had a contraceptive device implant injected into her arm at her local GP practice. At the time the risk of infection, bruising and scarring was explained to her.

During the first few weeks, Miss D could not feel the implant, but she started to experience a dull ache. In addition, if she pressed the area around the implant, she experienced a shooting pain and began to have difficulties with the movement of her hand.
Unfortunately, the implant had been inserted into her dominant arm, her right arm. In time, she started to have problems writing and could not hold a fist for any length of time. She also suffered from pins and needles in that arm.

In April 2011, the woman asked for the implant to be removed. Normally this would be done in a GP surgery, but it was difficult to locate the implant, so she was referred on to the hospital.

Even with ultrasound guidance, the implant could not be removed. The implant had become imbedded in the client’s muscle tissue.

It was finally removed in a second hospital in October 2011. At the time, it was established that the implant was 6cms below the skin instead of being located just below the surface of the skin, as it should have been. It was this fact that enabled Secure Law to achieve £2,500 of compensation for the woman, although no liability was accepted by the GP surgery.

This type of medical negligence case is becoming increasingly common as more people understand that mistakes can be made during the implant procedure. The implant is only effective if it is implanted on the right day of the menstrual cycle and in the right way. Some women have become pregnant only to discover that the implant has not actually been inserted. In some cases, the implant has become stuck in the applicator rather than being inserted into the arm leaving the woman with no contraceptive protection.
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