The field of video manipulation gains a new entrant — the WMV to MP4 Converter. The application, as the name implies, is meant to convert WMV format files to MP4 through its interface. The program is endowed with many excellent features and the functional aspects of it seem to be admirable.

WMV format is useful in many respects and definitely it has a charisma of its own. However, the fact that it’s a tad bit partial to Windows users often makes it score less on versatility. Converting the format to MP4 in such instances can turn out to be helpful as files in the latter format are more resourceful and can be played with élan across several platforms. The new converter WMV to MP4 Converter aims to ease up this procedure and offer users perfect and lovable MP4 files every time they wish to convert WMV.

One look at the converter and it’s easy to gauge that simplicity and efficiency are the two ruling factors in this application. The interface is intuitively designed with all essential controls built-in right there. Conversion is just a matter of uploading the files, selecting the output destination and clicking to convert. The app supports batch conversion too and works at lightning speed. Quality maintained is impeccable and care is taken that not an inch of excellence is compromised even when a file is compressed for mobile playback.

Another big advantage of the application is that output resolution is configurable at the user-end, enabling users to create perfect and customized files every time they convert.

Says a spokesperson from the developers’ side, “Our application is simple, powerful and quick….aimed to make WMV to MP4 conversions better than ever”.

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About WMV to MP4 Converter

WMV to MP4 Converter is the simplest application in the cyber world to convert WMV files to MP4 with quality. The WMV to MP4 Converter converts files within seconds and is blazing fast at work.

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