When it comes to using files, it is all about compatibility. Files should be ready to use because in the fast paced tech world nobody has the time or the energy to go through a long conversion process. WMV to MKV converter offers convenience like no other. This new converter makes existing files more compatible especially in the case of use on mobile handheld devices.

The converter is quick; this is a major selling point as converters in the past have recorded problems with speed. Speed also affects the quality of the conversion and therefore, for those who want quick results, this converter is the best choice. Then, comes the aspect of the size of the file. Larger the file, slower the conversion and also there is no guarantee on the quality of the output. With the new WMV to MKV converter these problems are addresses once and for all.

All it takes is a few minutes. The user can set up the location, customize the specs of the file and demand the converter to do the heavy lifting for him. Within a few minutes, users can expect to enjoy their converted files.

About WMV to MKV converter:

This converter can handle tough conversions with no loss of quality. MKV files though cumbersome in nature are found to be more compatible than other files. So, this converter which efficiently converts files with less fuss is the best way to get MKV files and not fret in the process.

The converter is available now for download and for free. By following a few simple steps the user can get the converter and use it to convert as many files as he wants. To get the converter now, log onto http://download.cnet.com/Free-WMV-to-MKV-Converter/3000-13570_4-76149695.html

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