A Manhattan designer of bespoke jewellery was inspired by the film ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ to craft a series of emerald engagement rings and other emerald jewellery items.

The designer’s creations, centring on the ever-popular green stone, have been favourably reviewed by an online news portal, which spoke of the ‘L. Frank Baum vibe’ the pieces in this range exuded.

Inspiration from the classic movie and book was not, however, the only reason for this particular designer to invest in emerald engagement ring designs. The stone was also a frequent request from her bespoke customers, who were drawn to emerald rings and jewellery for a variety of different reasons.

According to the designer, quoted by the news portal in question, many people are fond of emeralds as engagement band toppers due to their association with rebirth, as well as with good fortune and wealth. The stone is also often associated with a royal status (it was and is the gem of choice for a variety of monarchs throughout history) as well as romance and intrigue, ingredients many people wish their lives had more of.

Another factor which has been causing increasing numbers of people to turn their attention towards emerald engagement rings and other items of jewellery featuring this stone is its association with celebrities. Several high-profile names of the entertainment industry have been photographed proudly sporting emerald jewellery, including actor and wrestler Dwayne Johnson, rappers Andre 3000 and Cee-Loo Green, as well as Kimora Lee Simmons. The Kiwi designer herself has revealed that another rap artist, Birdman, had contacted her about acquiring bespoke emerald jewellery, namely a custom pendant.

Emerald is one of the coloured stones to enjoy a resurgence in recent years, after decades of being considered out of fashion. Other representatives of this group include sapphires, rubies, topazes and turquoises.

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