25, March 2016: Advances in VOIP-COIP technology have been incredible over the past few years, more than in the last decade in many areas. Communications have been advanced to the point that we can now use the internet for all phone calls at a much-reduced price over landlines.

For the first time there are more mobile phones than landlines, so just as we see phone booths disappear throughout the country, we are now seeing the landline phones vanish along with the old phone booths. When we look back over the history of the telecommunications industry, it is amazing how many advances we have seen, including the cellular phones which started out as backpack size devices.

As we are now seeing, cell phones usage continues to grow with nearly 255 million users at this point in time. Given the latest advances, I expect to see even more wireless phones, which are now devices, or computers, not just an old cell phone which was voice only. Texting has also exploded along with the demand for more bandwidth as texting, and these new applications are sucking off bandwidth to a point where we are fast approaching what is called peak bandwidth.

Recently we saw this come to the surface with the introduction of the 3GS iPhone, which AT&T could not support due to lack of bandwidth. Is this just an isolated case, or is it more than that? Experts are saying the bandwidth issue is real and not just impending anymore, but here now, and the above report in the Wall Street Journal indicates the industry is scrambling to expand the bandwidth, but will it happen in time. I think most of us have experienced more dropping of calls and no connections in last year than ever before, so yes, we see the problem surface quickly. Madden mobile hack tool online no download .

Experts in the industry have already stated that if every cell phone user were to make a call at the same time, less than one in four would get a connection. I know myself I have had more recordings of all circuits are busy, so is this a growing problem with texting being called the bandwidth hog of the cellular industry. After all, who thought texting would explode as it has with the younger users in particular? I know I didn't, and I have yet to text someone, although I am now getting text advertisements, which is the new spam of the cell phone industry as I see it.