(Free Pressrelease) Winstrol is the best steroid for preparing to a competition.
Active substance: stanozolol.
Similar: stanozolol, stromba.
Made in Spain, Belgium, USA and Germany, but Winstrol of Spanish sample has the highest demand. Winstrol is water suspension, ampoule of 50mg and oral Winstrol tablets.
Winstrol tablets are apparently less effective than injections. But if you increase the dose of Winstrol pills, its effect is most likely to be similar to injections.
It is recommended for men to use an injection form. And it makes sense for women to take Winstrol pills, as they need a smaller daily dose of Winstrol, which is 10-16mg per day. Winstrol is a indisputable favorite of preparing to a competiton.
First of all it does not "hold" water and secondly being a strong energy substance it allows to train with high intensity even in the "drying" regime when the body lacks calories. If you buildup muscles with Winstrol, you will not be able to gain 5 - 10kg per month, what can be done by the use of "methane". However the most part of 10 "methane" pounds is most likely water that you will lose immediately after you finish the course, while 1 - 2 kg, scored on Winstrol is pure muscle mass. But it should be noted that when working on the "mass" Winstrol cannot work alone. Since Winstrol is not an oily solution but a water one it quickly starts to work, getting into the body, and qiuckly is withdrawn. So more often injections are considerable: : no less than three times per week.