Tidy Books ; award-winning makers of unique children’s bookcases, have teamed up with Usborne Books & More to celebrate World Book Day on April 23rd 2013. They are giving parents the chance to win the perfect home library for their children. The prize package, worth over $320 is a bundle of Usborne children’s books and a Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase to store them in. Tidy Books bookcases and Usborne Books & More books are designed to encourage a child’s love of reading. It’s the perfect way for parents and children to celebrate World Book Day !

There are 15 fabulous titles from Usborne Books & More for children aged 18 months to 5 years, making a brilliant addition to any child’s book collection. Tidy Books’ innovatively designed bookcases store up to 85 children’s books, with front covers facing outwards, making it easy for pre-readers to see and choose books independently.

“What could be better than a kid’s size bookshelf that is easily accessible for little hands, great to look at and a learning device — all in one!” Nichole, Babble

It’s easy to enter! Simply tell us your favorite children’s book character. The competition is open from Fri April 5th until April 25th for US residents. Enter via our Facebook page here !

Usborne Books & More are the sole distributors of award winning Usborne books in the US. Usborne books have a fantastic range of books for children. For personalized assistance finding the best books for your kids go to www.myubam.com and contact your consultant.

About the company :

Founded in 2004, Tidy Books is a best seller in the UK, and is expanding in the US. The Tidy Books story began with the original Tidy Books kids bookcase , designed by mum and company founder Geraldine Grandidier, for her daughter in her violin workshop. She created the Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase which is easy for a child to use, is practical and encourages a love of books. Since then more practical and stylish children’s storage ideas have joined the Tidy Books family.

Contact info :

For more information on Tidy Books contact Alastair at [email protected]