Wills & Probate are one of the leading legal firms of UK. The firm has taken forward highly innovative outlook in business with an offer of a free downloadable will available on their official website Askwill.co.uk. The free will is a basic will template, which covers the maximum of what clients are looking for when drafting a regular will.

Ask will is a huge leap for Wills & Probate to bring the firm in to the modern times. The website is fairly simple to use. The main interface carries the one click download button for the free online will. The draft is fully customizable so clients can directly rewrite parts of the main draft according to their individual status.

Will Sutton, one of the partners at the firm, confirms that the online free will is a step towards offering the clients at Askwill.co.uk a free basic service for drafting a legal will. The firm does offer professional advice to the clients with editing, customizing and reviewing the wills for them.

Clients can download the free will online and take care of their customization and drafting as a DIY project.  However, there are still aspects of a will that requires professional assistance. Wills & Probate offer professional assistance as executors of wills for their clients. They also offer a periodic review of your will to upgrade the draft to include latest changes to your circumstances.

Askwill.co.uk is definitely a one of its kind website with a real tool for clients for an inexpensive legal solution.  To avoid the involvement of intestacy rules for their estates and custody issues post their deaths, clients can now employ the assistance of the free will draft at no hidden fees and forego the excuse of not having enough time to write a will.

About the company

Askwill.co.uk is the official website of the top UK legal firm Wills &Probate. The website offers a legal option for clients to download a free will draft with a single click. The clients can also hire the firm as legal executors of their wills and for periodic review to upgrade the subject matter of the will.

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