(Free Press Release) Will Sonali‘s Prayers Save Nirali And Her Unborn Child?

Sonali rushes home and weeps inconsolably. She blames herself for Nirali‘s condition and promises herself that she will not be seen anywhere near Nirali as she fears her bad fortune will further affect her and her baby. She prays for Nirali‘s well being and tells her Kanhaji that she will deprive herself of food and water till Nirali gets well. Meanwhile Naren for the first time loses his temper on Parul and blames her for all the wrongs in the family. He asks her to shut up or leave. Parul is shocked to see such drastic change in Naren‘s attitude. Narrotam comes to know that Kiki phai has left the house and blames Parul for the same. In a fit of rage he drags Parul out of the house when Sonali interferes and stops him. She shows him the family bangles giving her the authority to decide on family matters. She decides to let Parul stay in the house and also orders to reinstate Naren back in office. Narrotam asks Naren to take care of the business in their absence. Back at office Naren sits on Narrotam‘s chair with a weird smile on his face.
At the hospital, Nirali comes back to her senses, moaning in pain she calls for Sonali. Narrotam calls Usha and asks her to come to hospital immediately with Sonali. When Usha asks Sonali to accompany her she is shocked to see Sonali refusing to come along. When she probes the reason Sonali breaks down and tells her that her bad shadow will further harm Nirali. As she is unable to conceive she shouldn‘t be near any pregnant woman. Usha is pained and understands Sonali is feelings. At the hospital doctors decide to operate on Nirali but inform the family that they may be able to save either the mother or the child. Back home Sonali starts to go to the temple in the scorching sun, bare feet and without any food or water to pray for Nirali, at the hospital Nirali is taken inside the operation theatre. As sonali reaches the temple steps she faints and falls down while at the hospital the doctor‘s step out of the operation theatre.
Will Sonali‘s Prayers Save Nirali And Her Unborn Child?
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