Wilderness is a charming holiday village famous for its superb climate all year round, making it the ideal holiday destination.It lays just 15km east of the town George and is located between the Quteniqua Mountains.


This small town is popularly known as a nature lover’s paradise. The lush indigenous forest, beautiful warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the extensive waterways are the best way to experience the worlds famous Garden Route. With a seemingly endless stretch of sugar white sands and crystal clear blue waters, this is the perfect location to enjoy the perfect surf. With a mild climate, typical of the Garden Route and delicious warm waters this is the perfect spot for water sports enthusiasts. 


The Wilderness has always had a reputation for providingan amazing seaside holiday. This reputation dates back to the late 1800’s, when a seaside house started off as an old homestead. The town has since lived up to its reputation, still offering a wide range of accommodation options such as; self-catering, holiday houses, B&B’s and lodges.


There is a wide variety of activities in the Wilderness, should one venture off the beach the town offers craft shops, restaurant and art galleries one can visit.Not only is the Wilderness known for its golden beaches but this isn’t the only thing this town has to offer, the placid lagoon, Touw River Estuary, the Serpentine, Island Lake and Rondevlei are just a few more destinations to enjoy. For all visitors that are eco conscious, the Outeniqua Power Van is the perfect adventure to take part in. One of the most popular attractions along the Garden route, it’s not difficult to see why; visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the Garden Route while travelling in rail buses. The “buses” travel into the Outeniqua mountains, allowing visitors to experience the stunning waterfalls, forests and amazing vistas. If a breathtaking experience is what you’re after then enjoy spectacular views from “the map of Africa” a lookout point situated near Hoekwill. The Map of Africa point provides a perfect location for visitors

to experience paragliding and to enjoy the stunning views of Wilderness. 



Entertaining activities for sporty people include hiking, mountain-biking, bird- and whale-watching, hang- and paragliding, horse riding, scenic drives, day tours, angling, boating and other water sports.


The best time to visit Wilderness is between July and November, This is when the Southern Right Whales migrate from the cold Antarctica. Dolphins can be seen playing in the warm Indian Ocean throughout the year.Wilderness is part of the Garden Route, which hosts numerous events known throughout South Africa. Most events are held over weekends and over the holiday seasons, which include The Oyster festival, Car shows, Cycle Races, Music festivals, Farmers markets, Running marathons and much more. The garden route prides itself on its hospitality; these events are great fun for the whole family and put everyone in a festive spirit. An infinite amount of serenity,stunning vistas and activities, Wilderness is the perfect destination to kick back and relax.

If you love spending your vacations in a wonderful climate, we are pleased to offer you more information about Wilderness and George. One thing is certain: you will never get bored in these amazing places, as they have something for everyone, from a variety of entertaining activities to water sports, festivals and other events.