Tablet computers are an important way in which we communicate with the world, as well as access information online. The tablet computer, which truly caught fire with the introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010 represent over 30 percent of all internet users in the United States. This means that 3 out of 10 individuals access the internet via the use of their tablet computer.

The tablet computer allows users to access internet sites for eCommerce, perform website design and conduct internet marketing for your business via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or other tablet based apps designed to assist you with marketing and sales. Targeting tablet users is something every business should consider, given their ease and simplicity and their wide spread use.

Tablet Makers

There are several makers of tablet computers in the market today, although Apple is the largest. Apple sold roughly 100 million units of its iPad tablet, followed by Kindle and Nook tables offered by Amazon and Barnes & Noble respectively. They operate on operating systems (OS) by Apple, Google Android and BlackBerry, as in the case of the BlackBerry Playbook.

Apple is the largest seller of tablet computers to consumers by a wide margin. More than 100 million units of the tablet have been sold to business, consumer and government users since its inception in 2010. Android based tablet computers trail far behind iPads, with the most popular sales through Amazon’s Kindle and KindlePro, Samsung’s Galaxy and Motorola’s XOOM tablet. IDC, an industry analyst in the tablet market, projects sales of close to 200 million tablets in 2013, with nearly 49 percent of these sales going to the Android based tablets.

Growing Interest in Tablets

It is projected that by the year 2016, more than 760 million tablets will be in used on a worldwide basis, according to Forrester Research. This means that nearly 40 percent of all interest in the web and online based functions will be viewed via a tablet computer as oppose to the laptop or desktop models. This growing interest is due largely to the portability of tablet computers and the ease in which they can be accessed and stored for use. The iPad mini, introduced in the fall of 2012, is a further example of how portable and accessible tablet computers are for users.

Samsung announced the release of its new Galaxy IV mobile device and with it, a move toward the development of a hybrid mobile phone and tablet device. Such a device will further the portability of the tablet computer and extend even further the number of individuals with access to this type of computing machine.

What Tablet Computers are Used For

Tablet computers can be used in a variety of operations and functions. With the newer models being developed to automate completely many facets of the way in which you access information online or communicate with others, tablets have evolved from being simply miniature handheld gaming devices or mobile libraries for you to read your favorite book on the go. Looking at the growing number of tablet applications or apps that are being developed for all platforms, primarily Apple and Android OS, you can find ways to manage your business online, pay bills, create shipping and purchasing invoices and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

Learning More About the Tablet

In order to compete and stay relevant with the popular trend of tablet computers, be it for your internet marketing, web design or other eCommerce need, you should educate yourself on the value of a tablet. This includes taking a class or finding an online tutorial about a function or use for tablets that is applicable to your situation. As more and more users are discovering the power and freedom that comes with the purchase and use of tablets, if you do not already own one, now would be a good time to make an investment and learn everything that you can about how they work. You will find that the greater flexibility that comes with designing business specific apps that drive customers to your virtual and actual store or the ability to make changes to your website design makes mastering the technology and computing versatility of a tablet computer a personal goal for you.

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