CloudV's accessories enhance the vaping experience without losing the stylish look and portability that users have come to expect from their products. The new portable Aqua Bubbler attachment is a high quality glass tube that attaches to one of Cloud V handheld vape pens via a Cloud V Tornado Globe Atomizer which features a fully ceramic interior that heats up your viscous products instantly, giving the highest vaporizing satisfaction. The atomizer is made in two sizes to accommodate both the Cloud V Classic and the Cloud V Platinum vape pens.

This glass piece is just what the vaping community needed: a sleek new way to get your vapor even cleaner while allowing users to watch their vapor fill the glass in a visually stimulating display. Filling the bubbler is simple and spill-free and the design of the attachment allows user to keep the bubbler in their pocket without worrying about spillage. Refilling the Aqua Bubbler is easy and cleaning is quick with merely some rubbing alcohol and a wipe.

Since the water inside the bubbler is colder in the chamber than the air pushing through it, the filtration processes the vapor and lowers its temperature producing a smooth, clean vapor cloud for which the company has become synonymous. The durability of the glass on such a small design is impressive and the clear view of the vapor bubbling inside the attachment is sure to turn heads. Stay fresh and clean with the Cloud V Aqua Bubbler for the Cloud Classic and Cloud Platinum vape pens, available here.

See the video here :

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