Beijing - There are many reasons which would cause the inflating of the wholesale designer clothing price such as the costs, pricing strategies and consuming habits of the people. For the wholesale clothing industry which lives in the winter, in addition to the upgrade of formats and modes which have the function of breaking through the bottleneck of the development, they should pay more attention to decrease the price. And then, the burden of consumers can reduce. Perhaps, the wholesale clothing industry needs a revolution.Nowadays, many People have suddenly found that 500 dollars cannot afford to buy almost anything in the mall for the wholesale fashion clothing. Especially during the winter, the expensive boots, coats, wholesale women's clothing, down jackets are still so prohibitive for many consumers.

We could rarely see the cheap winter clothe which we could afford to buy it. The expensive price makes the consumers shout that they could not afford to buy it. Someone would have the problem that why the price of the cloth is too much higher. For the reasons, we have many things to say. The large part of this situation is depends on the higher prevalence deduction rate, the long period of time for account, the passing on of the promotional costs and other unknown rules and other issues. These reasons have dramatically pulled up the clothing prices.

And the  ppbuy clothing  from the factory to the mall, they need to go through many agents. And the common processes have included the clothing manufacturer, distributor, the regional agency, dealers and shopping malls.The boss of the ppbuy clothing, which is the professional online platform for selling of the  wholesale fashion clothing  , wholesale women's clothing and other wholesale designer clothing, has pointed that the main reason for the fierce increasing of the clothing prices in recent year is the frequently discounts in the mall.

But if you have ever browsed the website of the ppbuy clothing, which is , you could find that the price of the shop designer dresses on the Internet is much less than the price of the clothes in the real shop. The website is the best choice for the women or other people who want to buy the wholesale designer dresses or other clothes with the suitable priceIn the past, the promotions for sales are only twice within a quarter.

But now, the promotion affairs are once a month and it is the normal thing for each wholesale clothing shop. And the discount can be as low as 20 percent and 30 percent. These promotion affairs need to cut up the profit of the brand suppliers. In order to maintain the profit, the supplier can only overstate the original price.

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