Whenever people hear the word vaporizer, the first thought that always goes through their head is, that sounds dangerous!or that is vaporizing?”

Well, rest assured that vaporizing is not at all dangerous and that it is a beautiful alternative to smoking (burning). The process involves placing your product (essential oils) on your Cloud Vaporizer Pen heating coil and allowing the heat to release the active constituents while you inhale. The benefits of vaporizing with a Cloud Pen are undeniable for your health and the way you consume your product.

Vaporizing with a Cloud will prevent you from inhaling many irritating and toxic carcinogenic by-products that you would typically inhale from smoking (burning). Many of the toxic gasses you inhale while smoking including: carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide are completely eliminated through the vaporizing process. This is great news because vaporizing prevents the body from accumulating these harmful compounds.

When you smoke, your product is immediately burned at an extremely high temperature, this high-temperature smoke can and will damage the lining of your throat and your lung tissue. When you use a Cloud, your product will vaporize at a much lower temperature giving you a smooth, less damaging hit. Trust us, your lungs and throat will thank you for tapingwith a Cloud Vaporizer Pen!

What Makes Cloud V Different?

The First Mini Vaporizer
 Mini vaporizers are currently one of the fastest growing markets in the entire vaporizer industry. People want to vape on the go and they want to do so discreetly. CloudV was the first self-loading mini vaporizer on the market and other companies are now scrambling to release their own mini pen. Being the first of course means having copy-cats. Their product has been reproduced several times with the same look and feel but never the same quality. You can see the difference in the materials used on certain parts. For example, our atomizers are made of ceramic and steel. Many of the other companies that produce mini pens choose to use plastic in their atomizers, this can be harmful to consumers as the plastic has a propensity to melt and they can inhale toxic carcinogens from these plastic parts.

Lifetime Warranty
They offer a lifetime warranty on our batteries. That means if your battery fails you can exchange it for a brand new one of the same color at no additional cost. The process is simple and allows customers to get the product that they paid for. They are able to offer a program like this because their Lithium Ion battery is an extremely high quality and durable piece of technology. Less than 2% of  CloudV  customers have actually had to utilize their lifetime warranty.

Award Winning
High Times Magazine recently recognized their product in the Best Product category at eight Medical Cannabis Cups. These awards have set them apart from the rest of the industry as the most decorated mini vaporizer on the market.

Tommy Chong
After realizing the health benefits of vaporizing, Tommy Chong officially joined the vape movement and created the CloudV Tommy Chong Signature Series!

Thousands of Satisfied Customers
Their customers love their product and they make it very clear on social media. Cloud V's social media presence has exploded over the last 6 months because of the way people have responded to the Cloud Vaporizer Pen. We have a combined total of  100,000 people who follow and interact with them on their social networks ( @cloudvapes). Cloud is not only a vaporizer; it has become a way of life. The #cloudlife

Media Contact
Company Name: Cloud V Enterprises
Contact Person: Michael Hesser
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-707-4206
Address: 206 N Jackson St #301
City: Glendale
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: http://cloudvapes.com