Now because there are so many corporate relocations happening in Australia and within cities, the need for short stay apartments has taken a rise. This is very lucrative for companies, since they end up saving so much more, otherwise the five and seven star high end hotels have offers that could leave a hole in your pocket. 


When your colleagues or the boss have to travel and stay in any of the cities in Australia, they hire the smart services of a studio apartment or short term rentals. This is because for low costs these apartments are available with many amenities and facilities that are world class and of the highest quality. So who wouldn’t want to save and have the best at the same time?


Travelers throng Australia every year for business and pleasure. And this is also a reason why short stay apartments are such a hit. There are apartments fully serviced in areas that are prime and also in places, which are least expensive too. Some are large mansions and palaces, while others are small units, with all services and utilities in place. Sources say that by 2014, there would be more serviced apartments in every city across Australia than real homes with people residing in it. And this is a good sign to show that the economy of the country is on an upswing and not the reverse. But for all of your accommodation needs, you really have to check with short term rentals.


The use of short stay apartments would be the best for those who come into the cities for short term assignments. You could have them for a month, a quarter, half the year or even a year too. Some of the expats too give a thumb up to the concept and find such apartments very lucrative and aesthetically pleasing to live in. You wouldn’t have to worry about the commuting and transport needs when they stay in the city, because each of the serviced apartments have their own transport connections, such as airport transfers and within the city cab services too.


You would feel as if you are living in the lap of luxury, whilst staying in one of these short term rentals. Most of the apartments come along with one, two or three bedrooms; some even have multiple bedrooms too. They have kitchens with all the necessary utilities and the dining and living area is large and very spacious. The bedrooms are wide and comfy, the bathrooms are well fitted with a geyser and bathtub and you don’t have to worry about anything else at all. Stay as long as you want and you wouldn’t have to think of this place as a stop to rest only, make it your home and you would know the difference. So the next time you are in Australia for business or for pleasure, remember we have short stay apartments and short term rentals for you to choose from.

Now for you next business trips to Australia you can go in for short stay apartments or short term rentals.